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    Do You Need Drinking Water?


    IB Aqua is honored to be leader in providing Pure and Clean Packaged Drinking Water



    Do You Need DrinkingWater?

    IB Aqua provides quality assured water free from

    all impurities and chemicals

  • Do You Need
    Drinking Water?


    We provide the essential of nutrition with

    Purified drinking water natural minerals



Event & Festival Water Supply
Quality Assured Water for All Scale Events and Festivals

IB Aqua specializes in providing event and festival water supply by covering every possible requirement needed and required by you. We have equipment and trained expert team to support your event of every scale from transport, venues to on-site happenings our highly trained technician will ensure quality drinking water.
We are expert in facing challenging environment and unusual venue on- site happening due to our portal drinking water system will make you sit and relax.
So if you are looking for clean drinking water supply for auspicious event and festival then we are one stop solution available throughout duration of your event.